A Rather Easy Google Wallet Exploit Found In Google’s Prepaid Card, Does Not Require Root

Yesterday there were massive reports on Android and mobile technology websites about an exploit for Android’s NFC powered Google Wallet service. This exploit required root, and an app download. With the right circumstances someone could gain access to your Google Wallet pin and then run amuck with your Google Wallet account.

Now, an even easier Google Wallet hack has been figured out, and it’s right there in front of your face. Fortunately the exploit would only affect your Google Prepaid card.

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If someone gets a hold of your Google Wallet equipped phone all they would need to do is simply uninstall the Google Wallet app and redownload it. Once they did they could create a new Pin and have access to your Google Wallet Prepaid Card funds.

Most people are using the $10 that Google gave them on their prepaid cards and then reloading in small increments for things like gas, coffee and snacks so it’s not like a would be exploiter would have access to thousands of dollars or anything like that.

No matter what someone could take, the hole does need to get plugged up, and soon.

source: Phandroid