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Wilson Boosts The 4G LTE’s Now Too! Wanna Win One?

Our good friends at Wilson Electronics have a big trick up their sleeves planned for CES on Tuesday. That’s when they are officially releasing their 4G/LTE signal booster.

We were first told about the 4G/LTE signal booster under embargo at CTIA in San Diego this fall. While the device completed FCC testing we were really excited about the ability to boost Verizon’s 4G/LTE on our next road trip.  The new Wilson Sleek 4G-V does just that.

“Verizon Wireless customers who use LTE-enabled phones and data devices can now
enjoy the same benefits of Wilson boosters that others on 3G networks have long
enjoyed,” said Laine Matthews, Wilson’s director of business development. “For those
troubled by a weak signal, the Sleek 4G-V provides a strong, reliable connection so they
can connect with confidence.”

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Wilson Electronics is the largest supplier of cell phone signal boosters that actually do what they say they are going to do, in fact our very own Cameron Wright did a thorough review of the original Wilson boosters including the 3G version of the Sleek which boosts signals in some of the most remote areas.

We’ve found in several actual cross country tests that the Wilson 3G booster was able to maintain a signal through mountains and even the dessert.  In fact on our trip out to San Diego we were able to hold TDGN on Slacker Radio throughout the entire trip except for a tiny part of Arizona using a Verizon HTC Rhyme.

The new version of the booster, which boosts 4G/LTE, will have an MSRP of $149.99 and will be available shortly from all major electronics outlets including Best Buy.

Wilson has been instrumental in swaying the FCC to allow signal boosters after the FCC began investigating Wilson and rival companies like z-boost for interfering with other equipment.

Wilson Electronics makes signal boosters for the home, the car and even commercial installations like ATM machines. We recently saw a Wilson antenna atop an ATM machine in a mall in Georgia which has very little cell phone reception.

Like our friend Jon Bacon of Wilson Electronics tells us, Wilson’s equipment can’t create signal where there’s none however they can make an actual signal last longer and carry further.

If you live in an area with a bad signal let us know via Twitter with the hash tag #wilsonsaves and on our next road trip to CES this week we may meet up and you can actually win one!  We’ll have random flashmeetups along the route if you come see Wilson in action you may actually win one!

source: Wilson Electronics!

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