Whitehouse.Gov Down Now Thanks To Anonymous








UPDATE 11:52PM ET: Whitehouse.gov is back up

While most sites are reporting that Anonymous has taken down a laundry list of websites in response to the federal indictment of megaupload that is only half the story. We are hearing from some of the anonymous sources that brought us great stories a few months back, that part of the attack was coordinated in response to SOPA, remember SOPA blackout day was yesterday.

The federal government unsealed an indictment in eastern Virginia today as it was served against megaupload.com and their top executives. As the day went on more and more music industry and government related sites went down.

After we published this story we had heard and confirmed that fbi.gov was down, and now whitehouse.gov is down as well.

Anonymous is a group of hacktivist that has heavy handedly responded to social problems involving the internet by shutting down offending sites.