While T-Mobile UK Gives Users The Full Monty, T-Mobile USA To Throttle Roaming Data

A new leaked document uncovered by the team at Tmonews has some big news for T-Mobile users. While T-Mobile UK users are celebrating over their new “Full Monty” data plans, T-Mobile USA has plans to throttle roaming data users.

According to the leaked document, T-Mobile will cut off customers roaming data when they cross over thresholds. The new roaming thresholds correspond with T-Mobile’s data brackets.¬† For those on 200mb data plans, users will only be able to use 10mb of roaming data. For those customers on 10gb plans will see their roaming data cut off at 200mb.

In case you didn’t know, Sprint’s “Truly Unlimited” data doesn’t apply to roaming data. Sprint will cut you off after 300mb of roaming data.

Hopefully some of that UK goodness can rub off on T-Mobile USA.

source: Tmonews via Phandroid