We Go Hands On With Intel’s Atom Processor For Android Reference Device

A little while back, during the Intel Developer’s Conference, Google’s Andy Rubin announced that Intel was developing Atom processors specifically for Android devices.

Intel’s entry into the processor business for Android phones pits them against the likes of Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung and Texas Instruments. All of which have been powering Android for quite some time.

Intel is of course one of the leaders in the manufacturing of silicon chips for computers and other devices.

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After seeing a demonstration at CES 2012 in Las Vegas this week we came away thinking that we will see some great things out of the Atom processor. Battery life, 3D rendering, photography functions and more, are fluid, and speedy using the Intel chip.

The other big factor in favor of Intel’s At0m processor is cost. Intel hopes to keep costs low in the manufacturing of the Atom processor for Android, thus driving the cost of Android superphones down.

Right now the design shown is only a reference design. Intel is giving this device to OEM’s who will decide if they want to implement Intel’s chipset into their future Android offerings. ¬†We’ve got a few videos showing off the Intel Atom processor for Android still to post.