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Virgin Mobile To Start Throttling Unlimited Data In March

This whole throttling unlimited data business is a sticky issue. Take T-Mobile and Walmart for instance, yesterday we ran this story highlighting the fact that T-Mobile will start offering their Walmart Family Mobile customers unlimited data for $45 a month.

While that sounds like a great offer it’s only for the first 5gb a month, and that in itself is for a limited time. After a customer crosses the 5gb mark they will still enjoy free data but at much much slower rates. That’s also a 3G plan as opposed to anything that involves the number 4.

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Virgin Mobile, a prepaid unit of Sprint, offers unlimited data as part of their offerings. In fact all customers get unlimited data right now. On March 23, 2012 that’s going to change, sort of.

Virgin Mobile will continue to offer free data to all, but after the first 2.5gb of data it’s going to be throttled to 256kbps substantially slower than 3G speeds.

What makes this more ironic is that Sprint is the company that bashes the other carriers for throttling their data in unlimited commercials. Right now Sprint has said nothing about throttling their unlimited data. Sprint is using their unlimited data plans as the main reason to get the iPhone 4 on Sprint.

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