Uh Oh Apple’s Going To Be Pissed: Samsung Engraving Galaxy Notes In Korea

Have you ever wanted to have your name engraved in the back of your phone or tablet? Yeah, me neither, however it seems to be a hot thing to do. After all Apple’s been engraving iPads and iPods for quite some time. I once received an engraved iPod from my little brother which was kind of nice but nothing earth shattering.

I long for the days when my mom had to sew my name into my underwear and shorts to go away for summer camp. If engraving is your thing though, or you want to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note, and you live in Korea, you can.

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If you live in South Korea you can have your Samsung Galaxy Note engraved (as seen above) until the end of March. Our good friend Chris Chavez thinks engraving is great, and perhaps laser etching your Galaxy Note as a gift or award is kind of nice.

No word on whether they will offer engraving in the US or why they are stopping it in South Korea after March but heck, if you’re reading this in Korea today, go for it.

source: Phandroid