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Themendous Takes Us Behind The Scenes At His Android Statue Making Studio

Our good friend Themendous is the guy who makes the larger than life sized Android statues that site on the lawn in front of Google’s building 44 the Android building.

We’ve seen them all on the lawn, and I’ve even posed with every one of them except the Ice Cream Sandwich one. While we know in the back of our minds that he’s diligently working on the Jelly Bean statue, we are also sure that his agreements with Google mean he can’t acknowledge that or even show us.

Themendous has another client though, that’s not so secretive and that is AOL’s TechCrunch.  The Crunchies are just two weeks away and thedroidguy staff will be there alongside our sister site to cover all the action.

As Crunchie award winners take home their statues they will be able to pose with a larger than life Crunchie statue designed by Themendous whose real name is Giovanni Calabrese.

Themendous sent us these pics as he puts the finishing touches on Crunchie who was a staple of the original regime of TechCrunch that can now be found at PandoDaily.

For a couple more shots check out this story over at nibletz

(You didn’t really think we could show you the next Android statue did you)

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