The World’s Thinnest Android Tablet Coming From Toshiba At CES?

According to reports on engadget and phone arena, Toshiba is about to unveil the thinnest Android tablet in the world. Toshiba introduced the 10.1″ Toshiba Thrive tablet over the summer. We first got to see it at CE Week in New York City. The Toshiba Thrive is a little on the big and bulky side but that’s because it comes with great business features like a user replaceable battery, full sized SD card slot and a full sized USB slot.

Toshiba followed up the Thrive 10.1 with a new Thrive 7. It trims down the size and the weight with a smaller screen and more standardized ports.

Toshiba also released the Excite tablet at IFA this year which as you can see from this story, is much thinner than the Thrive.

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Then a couple of weeks later at CEATEC 2011 Toshiba introduced a tablet that measures 7.7mm thin, now that’s super thin. ¬†The Regza AT700 was designed to be the center piece of a totally connected home by Toshiba.

It’s unclear whether Toshiba is introducing the Regza in the United States or if they’re going for even thinner than 7.7mm. ¬†Phonearena reported that there was a Toshiba tablet seen in benchmark testing with a quad core processor. If Toshiba pulls off ultra slim, ultra light and ultra fast in the same Android tablet it may win over the hearts of millions.

Like all other CES rumors though we need to wait just a few more days to see how this materializes.

source: Phonearena