Taptu Expands To Bada

If you’re not familiar with Taptu you’re missing out big time on one of the best reader apps out there. Taptu lets you dj and remix your news feeds precisely the way you like to.

The Taptu interface shows everything in block stories across your tablet or smartphone. You can customize each channel of news the way that you want to. If you want Android news from Android Central, Phandroid and Thedroidguy you can throw us all into the same feed.

If you prefer to get your tech news from Theverge, Yahoo and Nibletz you can set them in another channel, and you can remix your channels together.  It all comes in a graphically rich, eye appealing interface.

Taptu has announced that they have expanded their horizons and their app is now available on Samsung’s Bada platform. That means if you live abroad and own one of Samsung’s Wave smartphones with Bada you can now dj and remix your news as well.

On the Android side of the world, Taptu recently expanded to support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

source: PRweb