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Take Note: Samsung To Introduce Revolutionary Device During The Super Bowl

We’ve searched Adweek everyday since Samsung’s Dallas based PR firm announced that Samsung had bought ad space during the Superbowl. Adweek, the nation’s leading publication related to advertising, has a huge Super Bowl section and tracks which companies bought what space and if they can, they say what those companies will be showing.

Mums the word when it comes to Samsung’s Super Bowl presence, except for some tweets today. The first one above has everyone buzzing about not only Samsung’s first Super Bowl ad but also what device they’ll be launching.

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While many of our colleagues are starting the rumor train we’ve got two words for you


Notice the way that the tweet is written. “Next Sunday We Launch A Device”. We already know that AT&T is launching the Galaxy Note on Sunday via pre-order. Also notice they say “launch”, and not “announce”, “release”, or “unveil”. Finally notice they don’t say anything about “world” although it’s American football a lot of companies refer to this as the biggest sporting event in the world. Bigger is of course better.

Later in the day Samsung tweeted this:

And there you have it folks. Samsung will unveil a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note next week. Now we could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

source: Twitter

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