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Tablet Ownership Doubles Over Holidays 2011

A new research study by Pew Research came out today highlighting United States tablet sales.

According to the research study tablet sales surged in the United States from 10% to 19%. That accounts for about one in every five adults.  Pew aggregated this research from one pre holiday tablet focused study of those 16 years of age and older and two studies of adults 18 and older, conducted in January.

The ongoing study reflected “gadgets” one category was for e-readers and the other was for “tablets”. It appears that for the purpose of this study the new Amazon Kindle Fire and the new Nook Color Tablet were both in the tablet category.

Demographically speaking the Pew Research found that there are more men than women who own tablets. Also tablets are most likely to be found in households with over $75,000 in combined annual income.

source: Pew Research via PA

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