Sprints “All In” Your Google Wallet

Here at CES 2012 Sprint held a pretty swank party at the Tao night club in the Venetian. If you’re familiar with any number of celebrity gossip shows like TMZ or the blog site Vegas Confidential, you’ve heard of the infamous Tao.

Well, despite the fact that Sprint began carrying the iPhone in 2011 they transformed the dance floor and VIP areas of Tao into a Google Wallet playland with other Android interactives that were for lack of a better word, awesome.

First off there was a retro video arcade machine powered by Google Wallet.  Sprint attached a Nexus S 4G to the retro arcade machine and instead of inserting quarters, dollars or tokens, you swiped the phone and made a Google Wallet Transaction. You could load up the machine with as many “credits” as you wanted.

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When initially arrived at the party about 5 people from Sprint and their agency hunted me down and told me I had to go to the upper corner of the club where I had to see something. They wouldn’t tell me what this something was but when I got there I knew I was in the right place.

Sprint had taken a stuffed toy crane machine and filled it with Android robots (see video). Again, like the arcade machine you put credits in by using a Google Wallet enabled phone. Unfortunately I wasn’t skilled enough to grab an Android robot. Later on I had found out that some of the robots in the machine had stickers on them that were good for free white Epic Touch 4G’s.

The last thing that caught my eye was that DJ brandon was playing on a gigantic see through computer screen. Not only that but Sprint had some kind of Android app set up across the dance floor where you could send requests and messages to DJ Brandon that populated in a que on his dj console. Pretty neat stuff.

The best part of the night was when Sprint confirmed to everyone that Google Wallet would be available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G for Sprint.

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