Sprint Extends Deadline For Lightsquared Deal

Last week Sprint released a progress report on it’s Network Vision which is a collective plan for all of Sprint’s network enhancements including 4G/LTE. Sprint said in that report that they were on track to start lighting up a 4G/LTE network in 2013.

Now that we are just one year away from that goal, many are curious as to how they are going to tackle this goal. Originally Sprint had reported that they had entered into an agreement with Northern Virginia based Lightsquared.  However, shortly after that announcement Clearwire, which Sprint owns more than 50% of, had run out of money. Sprint had agreed to invest more into Clearwire who is also working on building out 4G/LTE.

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When the Lightsquared deal was originally announced there were some stipulations in the deal from the on-set because Lightsquared is under scrutiny by the FCC because of interference with GPS frequencies.  Sprint didn’t want to get caught in the middle of the GPS controversy and needed Lightsquared in a position to start building out their 4G/LTE network to coincide with Sprint’s plans to start selling 4G/LTE service.

Today it was revealed in a report at Reuters that Sprint has extended the deadline for Lightsquared to get the GPS interference taken care of. According to Reuters, Sprint has given them an additional thirty days.

“We agreed to extend the deadline for 30 days,” a Sprint spokesperson told Reuters by email.

It looks like Sprint may be relying on both Lightsquared and Clearwire for their 4G/LTE strategy. Of course if Lightsquared can’t sort out their GPS interference issues Sprint would still have Clearwire to fall back on for their entire 4G/LTE network.

source: Reuters