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Siri For Android: Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant is widely considered as the best alternative to Apple’s Siri as a virtual assistant app for your smartphone.  The app was developed originally for Android devices and available for download in the Android market for free.   Now it has expanded to the iOS platform to take on Siri directly.

Some highlights of the app:

  • Unlike the faceless (or Avatar-less) Siri, Speaktoit allow users to select from a wide choice of avatar.  Which might make the assistant appear more personable, if that’s possible.
  • The app is integrated with other apps on your smartphone, for example, it can update your facebook status and Twitter.
  • The comprehension and response appears to be more robust than Siri.  When you ask Siri a question, she (he/it) usually respond by pulling up a webpage for you without giving you any direct answers.  Something as simple as checking the weather seems to work better with Speaktoit, it will actually tell you what’s the tempature as oppose to give you a webpage.
  • Supports assistance in both English and Spanish.

In additional to the built-in functions, the developers of the app are known to be extremely user friendly and receptive to customer suggestions.  For example, Music playing capability has been added due popular demands from its passionate users.

Addition of Spanish Support

On May 22, 2012,  the developing team announced that Speaktoit will add Spanish as a supported language. Spanish is acknowledged as one of the three major languages of the world, English and Chinese being the other two. Spanish speakers boast a total population of 500 million with 400 million of them being native speakers and 100 million having Spanish as a second language. This Spanish version of Speaktoit is intended to become cross platform compatible. The app will first be released on the Android market and will soon be available on an iOS version.

Positive Feedbacks For Speaktoit

While more and more users are getting hooked on Speaktoit, review coming from almost every corner of the internet confirms high rate of user satisfaction. In fact, Speaktoit receives a mark of 4.5 stars in the Android market. New York Times listed Speaktoit as one of the top 10 Android apps of the year. Many users praised the more conversational answers of Speaktoit.  A powerful voice assistant app, Speaktoit has become one of the most popular app in the Android market. With its cross platform compatibility, more users are now able to enjoy the power of this voice assistant software. You can download the latest Speaktoit version in the Android market for free and you can have it for $0.99 at the Apple Store.

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