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Shhhh T-Mobile Adding Mobile HotSpot To Some Data Plans For A Limited Time

One of the big benefits from rooting your Android phone is the ability to access wireless hotspot/tether without paying your carrier. All four carriers offer mobile hotspot via a native Android setting in versions 2.0 and higher.

There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not it’s kosher for carriers to charge for a feature that Google included in the native Android operating system. The other side to this debate is that naturally the mobile hotspot feature uses more data on most carriers already bogged down data networks.

T-Mobile is now preparing to silently launch a couple of new data plans on January 25th bundling the mobile hotspot feature. According to this report from a T-mobile ninja at Tmonews, T-Mobile will launch a premium 5gb data plan and an ultra 10gb data plan. Both of these new plans will bundle T-Mobile mobile hotspot and Mobile Life Album Plus services for free.

The sreen grab obtained by Tmonews clearly states that T-Mobile wants this promotion to be on the download to “protect T-Mobile revenue”. It looks like T-Mobile doesn’t want customers who are already on a 5gb plan to move to the new 5gb plan without upping their data subscription, just to get the free mobile hotspot. Whoops. We’re pretty sure that’s going to happen anyway.

T-Mobile has been through some rocky months lately while they were awaiting a pending merger with AT&T that fell apart around Thanksgiving. Prior to 2011 T-Mobile was consistently ranked in the top on JD Power & Associates customer service surveys. T-Mobile was also known to have excellent employee morale.

At a T-Mobile press cocktail party at CES, T-Mobile USA CEO Phillip Humm talked about how they were reinvigorating T-Mobile and coming back to where they were pre-merger. In this guest editorial by a T-Mobile frontline employee at TmoNews, the employee suggests the same things that Humm did at CES.

Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to reinvigorate employees by telling them to keep such a great data promotion on the down low.

source: TmoNews

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