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Scosche’s New cellControl Safe Driving System Now Available

Distracted driving is one of the most prominent issues facing the mobile industry today. As a mobile technology website we hope that our readers are smart enough to drive responsibly. I know from personal experience, that in some states where there are laws about using your actual handset while driving, that doesn’t prevent women from putting on mascara, men from shaving or anyone from eating burritos while driving.

So what’s great about distracted driving is seeing the ways that different companies come up with solutions to curb distracted driving.  In talking with a number of young drivers, parents of  young drivers and just adult drivers, if needed, people want a system that’s non obtrusive, easy to use without thinking about it and where you can still make calls with a hands free car kit.

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The last thing we would want to do is disable a phone completely and than have the driver get into a wreck and not be able to make a call. Or worse, have some crazy person follow home your 17 year old daughter and she can’t call her parents or the police because the phone is disabled.

Enter Scosche. Scosche is a company that’s been making innovative well designed consumer tech and mobile accessory electronics. This year Scosche introduced the Scosche cellControl safe driving system. The CEA felt it was so innovative it won in award in the November showcase in New York an event leading up to the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

Not only is the Scosche cellControl system innovative, it’s simple, easy to use and answers all of the items above when it comes to distracted driving.

The consumer buys the control itself. From there they register the control and make sure their phone or phones are one of the 1200 phones that work with the cellControl.

From there they take the cellControl and insert it into their cars OBD-II interface which can be found on all cars made after 1996.

The cellControl talks to your phone via Bluetooth signaling and disables any app that can be a distraction to the driver while the car is in motion. That includes, text messaging, cameras, internet, social networking and phone apps without the use of a hands-free device.

“According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Authority 18% of fatalities in distraction-related crashes involved a cell phone,” said Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries. “Those are the type of accidents that can easily be prevented and served as the inspiration behind cellCONTROL.”

You can get the cellControl today from the link below:

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