Samsung Ranked As Most Preferred Android Brand

Market research firm IGR has just released a study on Android and customer trends and preferences when buying an Android device.

According to the IGR research 47% of American’s who own smartphones have a phone running the Android operating system. iOS follows as the number two OS with 24% of the market share. The rest of the smartphone OS owners split between Microsoft’s Windows Phone, RIM/Blackberry and Palm/HP which stopped producing phones this year.

When IGR broke down the Android users they found that the most preferred brand of Android phone was Samsung. Motorola, HTC and LG followed.  IGR did note that Huawei and ZTE rank near the bottom, however both Chinese companies just came into play in the United States with Android phones within the last 18 months. Huawei was the first with the Ascend that debuted on Cricket in the fall of 2010.

IGR also found that Android users researched the OS before purchasing and that Google was a major factor in their purchase. 27% of Android users said they purchased an Android phone because Google was a reputable company and therefore Android was a reputable brand.

source: Marketwatch

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