Samsung Nixes Plan For Android 4.0 Featured Value Pack

Right before Christmas,¬† Elijah wrote a story that ruffled some feathers of legacy Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab (the 7″ froyo/gingerbread variety) users. It was originally reported at that time that Samsung would not upgrade those devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

After those reports circulated the interwebs faster than release dates for the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung had said that they will look into releasing a “Value Pack” update bringing some of the more relevant features in Ice Cream Sandwich to the Samsung Galaxy S and original Galaxy Tab.

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Today, Nextweb has obtained a statement from Samsung that says Samsung has unfortunately scrapped those plans. The Samsung Galaxy S series of devices, released in 2010, consisted of the Captivate (AT&T), Epic 4G (Sprint), Fascinate (Verizon) and the Vibrant on T-Mobile. While the first three have been upgraded to Gingerbread, stock users of the Vibrant are still stuck on Froyo. God love them.

As our friends at Gottabemobile suggest, the development community for both the original Galaxy S and the original Galaxy Tab is thriving so you may be able to find work arounds for a true upgrade. Of course if you’re one of the tens of millions relying on stock, you may be stuck at Gingerbread. Or even worse, Froyo.

source: TheNextWeb via Gottabemobile

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