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Samsung Hedeges On Galaxy III Launch During Earnings Call

On Wednesday rumors were hot and heavy that Samsung may not release the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The mobile industry’s largest mobile focused trade show is set to kick off a month from today. MWC is often a launching board for OEM’s to bring their newest superphones to market. Samsung has used MWC to launch the Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II and some of the Galaxy Tab moves.

Based on the rumors heard Wednesday it didn’t look good for a follow up announcement to the Samsung Galaxy S III for MWC. Early this morning, while most of the US was asleep, Samsung reported their Q4 2011 earnings. During the press portion of the call Samsung was asked about the Galaxy S III and an MWC release.

On the call Samsung replied “still reviewing several options on when to launch.”

That pretty much confirms we won’t see the Samsung Galaxy S III at MWC. Sammyhub has the audio.

source: BI


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