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Rumors Of Apple “Closing In” On Android Are False

You gotta hand it to my man JR Raphael over at ComputerWorld. He rarely gets called an Android fan boy because he just cites the facts. Regardless of what the iPhone fans say or if he hits a nerve in the Android community, regardless of what those fans say, Raphael can rip apart some facts.

That’s what he’s done in the case of recent reports from Nielsen that “Apple is closing in on Android”.

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Raphael cites a story published in the Register that states:

According to U.S. market watcher Nielsen, during the three months of October, November and December 2011, Android’s share of the smartphone OS market dropped from 61.6 percent to 48.7 percent and then to 46.9 percent. … iOS’ share of the US smartphone market rose from 25.1 percent in October 2011 to 38.8 percent and on to 44.5 percent.

What the Register story doesn’t tell the reader is that the data set is based on “recent smartphone acquirers”. Of course with the holidays and the release of the iPhone 4S there was a spike in Apple iPhone sales.

In his story, Raphael pulled the quarterly numbers from the previous quarter and then the fourth quarter. In Nielsen’s own report Android had 42.8 percent of the smartphone market in Q3 2011 while Apple had 30 percent.

Raphael finally put the entire myth to rest by showing that Apple did grow from the third quarter to the fourth quarter a whopping 1.7%, did Android grow during the same time, yes by nearly double 3.5%.

The other thing we love about the Android Power column and JR Raphael, are these disclaimers about market share, and Apple vs Android. Remember just like Windows vs Apple, Apple makes hardware, Google makes software.

source: Computer World/Android Power

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