Raise The Next Steve Jobs; Weird?

Parenting magazine is trying something new. Their February issue is their first ever “Genius Issue”. The current issue of Parenting magazine focuses on raising smart kids and a connected parenting environment.

The cover of the issue may draw some controversy and of course controversy sells magazines. As you can see from this cover grab taken by Geekwire’s Todd Bishop, they are exploiting the fame and death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

At first glance many parents, and even non parents, may think, that’s cute, but as Bishop explores the magazine it’s not just the cover shot. Within the pages of the magazine is another full standing shot of the kid posing as a young Steve Jobs, complete with the black mock turtle neck, Levi jeans and New Balance shoes.

That particular story focuses on kids and their fashion sense. It goes on to explain how Steve Jobs signature outfit was more so a uniform of convenience.

Based on Bishop’s feedback on social networks and at geekwire, people are split on this cover some feel it’s cute, other’s say it’s weird.

source: Geekwire

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