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Power Bag Replaces Multiple Chargers For Our CES Coverage, Announces New Lines

There are some new weapons in our arsenal of event coverage tools and they are the Powerbag Backpack and the Powerbag messenger bag. The Powerbag is the brain child of a Michigan based company called RFA brands and combines a fully functional backpack, messenger bag or sling blag with the convenience and power of a self contained charging system.

What we especially like about the Powerbag products is that the power portion is routed through the bag with cords already on board for a micro usb device, mini usb device and 30 pin apple/ipad device. In addition there is a regular usb port for plugging in even more devices. Now we’re not sure if it’s recommended but we’ve actually used a usb hub to power multiple phones in the Powerbag.

The Powerbag’s are stylish and functional. There are three battery packs available, a 3000mah, 6000mah and 9,000 mah battery. Not only is it functional, stylish and organized, there is a port on the bag itself to plug the powerbag’s charging cord in so you don’t have to worry about having  a separate battery charger or pulling cords out of the bag just to charge it up.

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Using Powerbags technology you can charge 4 different devices at a time with even battery distribution (we’ve charged more but that’s on you). The on board, smart-charging system will automatically detect the connected devices in the bag and send the right amount of power to optimally charge each one.

Powerbag is introducing three new collections at CES 2012 in Las Vegas starting Tuesday:

• Urban Collection – For the young urbanite, these sleek bags accommodate everything for an onthe-

go digital lifestyle, including special pockets for your tablet, cellphone and MP3 player. The

collection will feature the Underground Backpack, Crosstown Messenger, and Rebel Backpack.

• Executive Collection – For the professional that values form and function, these bags are

equipped with the latest in traveler conveniences like the TSA-friendly “Fly Flat” feature as well

as a larger battery for extended use. This collection will host the Business Class Pack backpack,

the Instant Messenger, Rolling Office and Business Class Case.

• Fūl Collection – Fūl designs stylish bags that appeal to a diverse set of shoppers and lifestyles

from students to seasoned business professionals on-the-go. These bags house the ultimate

charging system disguised as the coolest bag you’ll ever use. Bags in this collection include the

Deluxe Backpack, Backpack, Sling, Tablet Messenger, Messenger and Wheeled Briefcase.


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