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Philips Releasing 4 Android Headsets This Spring Take A look Now: VIDEO

Philips was the first company to offer a true Android music dock. Sure there were companies offering 3.5mm, BlueTooth and adapter oriented work arounds but Philips went ahead and designed 4 Android docks, similar to their iPod offerings, but with rotatable mico-usb connectors.

Now Philips is introducing new Android Headsets. I know, I know, what makes it an Android headset? Well I’m going to tell you.

Philips has optimized their headsets to work with Android devices via a proprietary app. The app will allow you to answer calls and control calls while using a Philips Android Headset. That’s not all though, the Philips Android Headset collection also allows you to play, stop, go back and skip songs in Android music apps.

Finally, Philips has added a color wheel like mixer to optimize the lows, mids, and highs and equalize your music on a Philips Android Headset.

There are four models to choose from. There are three in ear headsets and one over the ear pair. Check out the video!

Philips says the headsets will be available in early Spring 2012

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