Ovum: Android To Become The Development Platform Of Choice

New research from Ovum was released early Monday morning and it sang the praises of developing for Android. The Ovum study suggests that Android will become the preferred platform of choice for developers, edging out iOS over the next 12 months. of course most developers will insist on developing for both platforms as iOS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Until now most major (and minor) app developers typically released an iOS app first, built scale, measured possible uptick gained by Android and then released on the Android Market. The tables are beginning to turn as Android is the dominant OS now around the world.

Where iOS has an easy to follow monetization model by charging for an app in the iOS app store, developers are becoming more familiar with monetizing through in-app advertising and in-app purchases of virtual goods.

Ovum’s research also suggests that developer momentum is picking up for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and even RIM’s Blackberry.

“The growing momentum behind Windows Phone indicates that Microsoft has managed to convince developers that its platform is worthy of investment; its challenge now is to persuade consumers,” said Ovum analyst Adam Leach who was responsible for the study.

source: CNet