On The Road Again With Wilson Electronics

Thedroidguy and Wilson Electronics have teamed up six times over the last three years to go road tripping across the country on the way to the big industry conventions.  We’ve been to Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Orlando, San Francisco and more.

We’ve made lots of silly and fun videos highlighting where a signal booster from Wilson Electronics has helped maintain a signal where signal usually fades. We’ve had signal in the mountains, the desert and by the beach. We’ve seen the Wilson Sleek turn 1 bar of signal to 1 streaming bar of blazing 3g.

Now with the introduction of the new Wilson Electronics Sleek 4GV we’re not just on the road with Wilson we’re giving away sleeks too.

Listen to the audio for more details and here’s how to win:

Now we’re not going to tell you what exact route we’re taking but we’re headed from the east coast (Atlanta area) to Las Vegas for CES 2012. Along the way we’re going to be looking for people who tweet us that their signal sucks and use the hash tag #wilsonsaves if you’re on the route when we get to your town we’ll tell you where to come meet up.

We’ll show you the Wilson Sleek and talk to you on a quick and fun video about your signal problems, everythings ok in the video but cursing! After that we’ll introduce you to our good friends John and Taylor over at Wilson via email and they will ship your choice of Sleek right out to you.

Now we’re not talking about sticky magnets, we’re talking about good, rugged signal boosters that plug into your cars cigarette lighter or USB.  They’re used in cars everywhere, fire trucks, ambulances, even at the ATM’s in malls where there is hardly any cell signal.

Never have a dropped call again, keep that internet audio stream like TDGN on Slacker Radio going for miles and miles and miles!

Have fun and thanks for playing!