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Official Wikipedia App Available In The Android Market

Fresh off the heels of their blackout in response to SOPA Wikipedia has finally announced that their official Android app is available. Although the app was published to the Android market five days ago, it’s great news that everyone’s favorite crowd sourced encyclopedia is available in the Android Market.

There have been several Wikipedia apps that have been developed by third parties. All of them are pretty good, afterall it’s a pretty easy concept, search for something, get the WikiPedia results.

For the most part the official Wikipedia app for Android is much like the iOS version however, as always, with Android there is room for a few extra features.

– Android app adds the ability to mark Wikipedia entries for offline reading
– Android app allows you to share Wikipedia entries with others
– Android app allows you to read individual articles in different languages rather than changing the language of the whole app.

Want to look something up now? Download the official Wikipedia for Android here

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