Now What’s Going On With Palm? Rubinstein Out At HP

John Rubinstein was instrumental in the creation of the first iPod when he worked at Apple. While Steve Jobs was on the outs at Apple and started NexT computers he recruited Rubinstein to be head of engineering.

In 2006 Rubinstein left Apple and eventually became CEO at Palm. He is the brains behind the Palm Pre. Along with the Palm Pre he was instrumental in developing the WebOS platform that the Palm Pre ran on.

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After the Palm Pre’s release he was named CEO of Palm. Just a year later HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion dollars.

Just before the HP CEO shake up Palm and the WebOS platform were shuttered by HP and Rubinstein was relegated to¬† a “product innovation role”. AllthingsD has reported that in this role Rubinstein spent a lot of time away from HP “spending his millions”.

When HP hired CEO Meg Whitman she said that she wasn’t sure where the future of the webOS platform would go. There’s been talk about open sourcing the webOS platform.

Today it was confirmed by AllthingsD. HP released a very short statement about Rubinstein’s departure:

“Jon has fulfilled his commitment to HP. We wish him well.”

source: BI