Motorola To Focus On The High End And 4G/LTE In America

At this point in the game it’s no secret that Motorola had a problem with Verizon’s 4G/LTE at first. In fact at a Merill Lynch/Bank of America event last year, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha revealed that Motorola was indeed having a problem with Verizon’s 4G/LTE packet stack and that’s why the Bionic had been delayed for so long.

But… Once that problem was fixed Motorola has been on fire with 4G/LTE devices for Verizon Wireless. Since September Motorola has introduced the Droid Bionic, Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, Xyboard 10 and Xyboard 8. Motorola also announced the forthcoming Droid 4.  That’s pretty impressive for a company that six months ago was struggling with their first 4G/LTE device.

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Now that they have it down though there is no stopping them. AllthingsD’s Ina Fried reports that in a press briefing Motorola’s Senior VP Alain Mutricy said that Motorola would be focusing on high end smartphones in 2012 along with 4G/LTE. We already know that for now those smartphones will exclusively be Android devices.

It’s probably a safe assumption that as AT&T continues to build out it’s 4G/LTE network we will see a Motorola Android device or two back on AT&T. With MWC just 4 weeks away we can’t wait to see what Motorola plans on bringing to the table. They’ve already said they will release less phones in 2012 than they did on 2011 and it looks like in the US at least the focus will be quality.

After the success of the Motorola Droid Razr and the release tomorrow of the Droid Razr Maxx I can’t wait to see what the Razr line brings next, will they bring the Motorola Droid Star Tac?

source: ATD