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Motorola Reports Q4 2011: Sold 1 Million Android Tablets

It’s been a big week for quarterly results. We’ve heard from Verizon, Apple, and AT&T just to name a few. Motorola Mobility also reported their Q4 2011 earnings today.  Motorola also recapped their entire 2011 year.

In 2011 Motorola Mobility’s total net revenue was $13.1 billion which was up 14 percent over 2010. Net earnings were $.33 per share which was up from a $.28 loss per share in 2010.  Motorola generated $225 million in positive operating cash flow in Q4 with a total of $357 million in positive operating cash flow for the entire year. Obviously the fourth quarter was good for them.

In Q4 Motorola shipped  10.5 million mobile phones, and 42.4 million mobile phones for the year. In Q4 Motorola shipped 5.3 million smartphones and 18.7 million smartphones for the year. Motorola also reported shipping one million tablets in 2011.

Motorola also gave an update on their pending merger with Google. According to Motorola the merger should close in the early part of the year.

source: Motorola


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