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MMA Establishes Privacy Guidelines For Mobile Apps

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has issued the final draft of their guidelines for privacy when it comes to mobile apps.

As the mobile app ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, privacy within apps has become a hot button topic. In 2011 stories like this, about even very popular apps and the data they send from users device sparked concerns over consumers rights and privacy.

The Mobile Marketing Association, the leading global trade association for the mobile industry has come up with privacy guidelines for mobile apps and their developers. Over 50 well known companies in the mobile industry, including big names like CTIA, Sprint, TrustE, Millennial Media, AT&T and more helped compile a stringent set of guidelines so that consumers know they can trust that apps will keep their information secure.

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With the input of industry leaders, the MMA has established a set of guidelines that address these key issues:


  • Annotated guidance on core privacy principles and consumer-friendly language for developers to consider using
  • Ways to inform users on how data is obtained and used
  • Guidance on security and confidentiality of information

“Privacy policies are a key consumer disclosure tool for app developers and important to establishing and maintaining consumer trust,” said Alan Chapell, Co-chair of the MMA Privacy & Advocacy Committee. “Our guidelines offer developers the foundation from which to craft a document that reflects the privacy practices of each of their apps and helps them stay in compliance with applicable law and industry standards.  We urge app developers to consult with their legal counsel when adapting these guidelines for their purposes.”

While not all app developers are members of the Mobile Marketing Association, nor will all app developers on any platform adhere to the exact guidelines set by the Mobile Marketing Association, this is a start in the right direction. It does insure that large app developers like Pandora, MTV Networks, ESPN and the major carriers will follow a set of guidelines when it comes to privacy.

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