Millennial Media: Kindle Fire Is, Well On Fire

Millennial Media, the publishers of the monthly Mobile Max report, have issued some findings on the progress of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire.¬† Millennial Media provides research based on how many devices actually touch their mobile ad platform. Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile ad network in the world.

According to Millennial Media Amazon Kindle Fire users increased by 261% from December 23rd to December 26th. Ad impressions for Kindle Fire users increased 113% day over day. To put that into perspective the iPad 2 saw growth as well but only at 6% per day.

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Of course this doesn’t reflect actual sales numbers, iPad 2 could very well catch up however Millennial’s information shows that more people took Kindle Fire’s out of the box and immediately started downloading and using apps with the Millennial Media sdk built in.

Developer’s that have discovered the value of in app advertising are the same type of developers that are feeding their apps to as many app stores as they can. The Amazon Kindle Fire uses the Amazon Android app store and does not have easy access to the Android market.

The Mobile Mix report for January should show an even bigger picture on how widely used the Amazon Kindle Fire is.

Source: Millennial Media