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Meshin Offers Taptu And Pulse Like Viewing Of Your Messages And This Is A Good Thing

There’s a new start up out there called Meshin that we love because they went Android first. What is Meshin? It’s a new app that aggregates all of your messages into one easy to navigate screen.

Meshin aggregates your SMS messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, and email messages. Once Meshin has access to your accounts the service puts all of your messages in neat little boxes and views like Pulse and Taptu.

Meshin allows you to set VIP’s for certain people and then you can see all of their messages no matter what form of contact they used for you. Meshin has made communicating with my TDG team quite easy. Typically if someone needs me and I don’t respond via traditional channels they will then Facebook Message me, DM me on Twitter or send a slew of emails. With these people noted as VIP’s I see all of their contact attempts in one place.

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Meshin then allows you to sort these various messages by people or source. The source screen is when it really starts looking like the Pulse and Taptu news readers. You get one line for email, texts, phone and each social media outlet.

Once you start with Meshin and then get rid of your notifications from your other messaging sources Meshin is an easy to use go to app for every kind of messaging.

The best part about Meshin is the time you save from having to switch back and forth from not only messaging apps but email, Facebook and Twitter as well. Meshin is free and available in the Android Market right here

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