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Looking Back On CES 2011 And Looking Forward To CES 2012

CES 2012 is right around the corner and looking back on last year’s CES, there really isn’t much going on when it comes to huge phone launches. Of course, CES will be great with so many companies rolling in, but nobody is really hyping up a big phone announcement like they have in previous years.

Last year going into CES, we published a Fight Night story between two top-dog phones, the Motorola Olympus and the HTC Thunderbolt. Both of these phones were announced and released, but it really didn’t go over too smoothly. The Motorola Olympus was a good device, but got overshadowed by the bigger and badder Motorola Bionic at CES last year. The HTC Thunderbolt had a TON of hype because it was going to be Verizon’s very first 4G LTE device. And it was, but they had a hard time actually getting the phone into consumer’s hands. The Thunderbolt had multiple pre-launch issues, with horrible battery life, issues with 3G/4G handoff, and other software bugs. When the phone was finally released months later, terrible battery life plagued the phone, and it was the first time we realized how much 4G/LTE loves to munch on battery.

All of this however, is nothing in comparison to the horrible Motorola Bionic launch. The Bionic was supposed to be a 4G/LTE, dual-core beast for Verizon–but it didn’t even come close. Months after the phone’s CES announcement, we got word that Motorola was completely nixing the original design, and the Targa would be the new and improved Bionic. It wasn’t until months later, in September the phone actually hit shelves, and it was immediately replaced by the sleeker, faster DROID Razr. Not to say it was a bad device, it was pretty good, it was just way too late the game.

Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Sony–everyone is going to CES, and we’re really not sure what exactly we’re going to expect. Be sure to stay tuned though, because we always get surprised with something big. Maybe the manufacturers have decided to hold off on over-hyping devices before they know they can successfully launch them, or maybe they’re keeping everything a secret for now. Either way, stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for the best CES 2012 coverage.

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