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Look Out! NQ Mobile Is Bringing The Heat

If you were lucky enough to be in the stands in Miami or catch a telecast of the Miami Heat’s 92-85 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week than you would have caught NQ Mobile’s advertising on the sidelines.

Pictured above NQ Mobile, the largest mobile security provider in the world, with over 122 million users, has recruited some big guns as of late. Former Samsung CTO/CSO Omar Khan and former Samsung  Director of Public Relations are now spearheading efforts at NQ Mobile to educate consumers about mobile security and privacy threats and the comprehensive suite of Security tools offered in NQ Mobile’s 6.0 software.

And on a side note we learned in an interview with Khan yesterday, despite the fact that he lives in Dallas (Mavericks), used to work at Motorola (Bulls) and was educated at MIT (Celtics), Khan is a die hard Miami Heat fan.

You can download NQ Mobile here and catch their ad when the Heat play at home!

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