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Kim Titus Shows Off NQ Mobile On An HTC Vivid

Big things are about to happen for NQ Mobile. NQ Mobile is one of the world’s leading providers of consumer centric mobile security software in the world. They currently boast over 120 million worldwide subscribers.

NQ Mobile just recently added Kim Titus, former PR Director for Samsung Mobile as their head of communications. To top that off, Omar Khan, former Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Mobile, has joined the China based company as Co-CEO.

Titus and Khan are in the process of setting up a North American headquarters in Dallas Texas and have a road map of big things coming our way.  At CES though, we got a chance to talk to Titus and get a walk through of the NQ Mobile software product.

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With NQ Mobile’s massive user base, NQ is often the first mobile security company to find mobile security threats and then remedy them. Their free app has all the functions you need for basic smartphone protection. As Titus says in the video, we are carrying around mini computers with more personal information in the small phone real estate than most people have on their desktops.

The premium version, which costs just $6.99 for six months, provides eaves dropping protection, automatic updates, cloud based scanning and testing, and financial information protection.

Check out the video and for more visit NQ Mobile’s website at

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