Kik Goes Developer Friendly With Open API For Instant Content Sharing

Kik Messenger, one of the most well known multi platform messenger apps released their open API last month so that developers can  “bake” instant content sharing into any application via Kik’s messenger platform which is millions of members strong.

Kik has updated their iOS and Android messenger apps with an app discovery/sharing service. Kik’s app discovery service will allow Kik users to instantly discover and download Kik enabled apps right inside the messenger.

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Developers can have access to Kik’s open API which will get their app into Kik’s app discovery service instantly sharable across multiple platforms.

“Part of what has made Kik Messenger such a success has been connecting people anywhere while keeping the app experience very fast and easy to use,” said Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive. “The launch of the API and the addition of the Apps That Kik discovery service provide an insanely simple solution to drive app adoption for developers.”

These apps are available through Kik’s app discovery now:

•       Zwonks, a casual social game that lets users share and collect virtual goods to spice up the chatting experience

•       FlyScreen, an app for Android that brings content and notifications to the lock screen

•       Smiler, an app for iPhone that allows users to send greeting cards and customized emoticons to their friends

•       DrinkOwl, an app that finds users a cheap drink in their cities (50,000+ listed!)

•       FileKicker, an app that lets users to send any files to their friends over Kik

Kik’s app sharing API is one of the easiest API’s for a developer to take advantage of. App developers just need to find the most sharable content within their app, add five lines of code and voila they are now Kik enabled.

The best part is that after a short battle with Blackberry Kik is again available on Blackberry opening up  even more users to share apps with. Kik has millions of users so no matter what platform your app is you will be able to reach millions of potential new users. If your app is multi platform than this is even better news for you.



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