Is Samsung Delaying The Launch Of The Galaxy S III Could We See It In New Orleans Now?

The Samsung Galaxy S III so far to date has been the most rumored device release for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Last year, around this time we started receiving invitations and seeing orchestrated leaks from Samsung for their “unpacked” event. The leaks were complete with promotional youtube videos and the world knew the Galaxy S II was coming.

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At this point in time with four weeks to go we haven’t heard that much buzz for Samsung at MWC. That could change, however rumors coming out of are suggesting that the third generation of the Samsung Galaxy S has been delayed.

Could the delay be a result of Samsung’s on-going battle with Apple in patent courts around the world? Is there something holding it up on the technology front? Is there another device Samsung wants to shine the spotlight on in Barcelona? We don’t know. We do know that a couple months back JK Shin himself acknowledged the Samsung Galaxy S III.  Also keep in mind Shin is the same one that leaked to thedroidguy and androidpit directly that we would see a portfolio of Galaxy tablets and some with Honeycomb, at IFA 2010, 6 months before their announcements. As the President of Samsung Telecommunications he’s always on the money and fiesty about announcements.

As for the Galaxy S III, there’s no official word either way. If theverge story has some truth to it than maybe after a string of international product launches Samsung wants to announce the Galaxy S III stateside, perhaps at CTIA in May in New Orleans.

source: Theverge via Pocketnow

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  1. We need HTC to be aggressive once again and launch phones capable of competing and surpassing Samsung phones so we (consumers) can have more options. Right now Samsung is top dog on the Android front.

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