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Holga Case Comes To Android Via Galaxy S II

Over the past few years retro camera company Holga has made a huge comeback. Hipster photographers and experimental photographers have gone back to some of Holga’s retro camera designs, in part with help from Urban Outfitters which sells a whole line of Holga retro film cameras.

Holga released a really cool iPhone case in 2011 which had a rotary of changing “Holga” filters for the iPhone’s camera. Users could experiment with the various physical filters rather than doing digital editing on your phone.

Until now it was limited to the iPhone however Holga has designed a similar case for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The best part is, it’s actually cheap considering what the case does. Mount your Samsung Galaxy S II in the case and you can use the rotary dial to add some cool filters to your cameras lens.

It’s available for $28 and will probably show up in Urban Outfitter stores soon.

source: TechCrunch

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