Hands On With The Waterproof Fujitsu Arrows Tablet

The Fujitsu Arrows tablet is already available for sale in Asia. There is a 4G version available in Japan on DoCoMo.  While the inner workings of the Fujitsu Arrows tablet are inline with several Honeycomb tablets available stateside there are a couple features that make this a stand out tablet.

First off the waterproofing. The Fujitsu tablet is fully submersible and at CES they demonstrated that by keeping the tablet submerged for nearly 10 minutes. That’s not all though, the docking connectors and the 3.5mm headset jack don’t have covers, yet Fujitsu insists that the tablet is not damaged by water getting into either of those areas. As the young lady showing us the water demo says, it’s one of the “Fujitsu secrets”.

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The other feature that was really cool about this tablet was the keyboard. The onscreen keyboard can be used traditionally or split into two sides so you can type with your thumbs. Not only that but when the onscreen keyboard is split into two sides you can use the space in the middle to write. You can use traditional English handwriting, or if you speak Chinese you can write Chinese characters and the tablet will translate them.

On the inside the Fujitsu Arrows tablet is running a 1ghz dual core TI OMAP 4430 processor. There is a 1280 x 800 pixel display. It of course has front and rear cameras and 16gb of internal memory.