Google Misses Wall Street Mark With Q4 Earnings

Google’s CEO Larry Page and company announced their Q4 earnings today after the bell. Google’s overall earnings came in at $8.13 billion which was about $300 million shy of Wall Street analysts’ expectations.  Financial website Motley Fool had Google pegged at $10.49 per share, Google announced their actual earnings at $9.50 per share.

On the upside Google’s $9.50 per share was on revenue of $10.58 billion dollars, which was the first time their revenue hit double digits.

When Google Co-Founder, Larry Page, took back over as CEO in 2011 he wanted to hone in on the products that were beneficial to Google and at the same time spread Google’s revenue out over more than just search. Today, Google still makes nearly 100% of it’s revenue from search ads.

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We need to make hard choices about where to focus our efforts,” said CEO Larry Page on a conference call with reporters on Thursday. Last year under Page, Google shuttered a number of its existing properties, including the experimental ‘Google Labs’ products. ”This means we can double down on the really big bets we have made, like Android, Chrome, Google+ and YouTube,” Page said.

As we all know Google doesn’t charge anything for OEM’s to use the Android Operating System. Google makes it’s money from Android off of mobile searches. Of course Google also makes money when iOS users use Google for mobile searches as well.

Page wouldn’t comment on Google’s acquisition of Motorola except to say: “We see a lot of potential for us to make money on Android,”