Go Paperless To Events Like Android Homecoming With New Eventbrite Android App

Eventbrite got a memo that said Android was getting really popular. So the event creation and management web app company introduced an Android app for the millions of Android users out there.

If you don’t get out much you may not have heard of eventbrite but when it comes to events they’re the bees knees. Evenbrite allows event promoters and creators to easily set up an event with ticketing, pricing, ticket purchasing, event information and more. They make it into a nice and easy to share socially experience.

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The same goes for their new Android app. The new Eventbrite app has these features:

• View all of your upcoming Eventbrite events and information
• Pull up your ticket barcode or registration info
• Easily share events with your friends
• See a map and get directions to the event
• Contact event organizer with last-minute questions

So now you can go paperless to any Eventbrite event by simply pulling up your ticket and showing the event proprietor your barcode. If you’re a social butterfly you’ll love the ability of managing multiple events you’ll be attending with the Eventbrite Android app.

If you’re holding an Eventbrite event then you need the Eventbrite easy entry app for your Android phone it allows you to manage your registration list and scan in the barcodes the masses will bring you with the customer version of the Eventbrite app.

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