Galaxy Nexus Plus On The Way? To Who?

The folks over at Androidandme spotted something very interesting on nenamark. They found a Galaxy Nexus sporting a PowerVR SGX 544 processor.

The original graphics processor in the Galaxy Nexus that’s currently available is the SGX540 which is part of the Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor. By all means this is still a great processor however the SGX544 is part of the next generation of OMAP the 4470.

Androidandme points out that they’ve seen the SFX544 processor in an ad for Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus. The original Galaxy Nexus is running underclocked a 1.2ghz on the OMAP4460 which is capable of running at 1.5ghz. Is Sprint going to use the 4460 wide open or could we see the 4470 underclocked to 1.5ghz.

Only time will tell. Perhaps this could be a whole new device, like the Galaxy Nexus Plus. Also the Nexus brand has always been multi-carrier and we feel that it’s odd we’ve heard no official talk or loud rumors about a T-Mobile or AT&T Galaxy Nexus. The international GSM version will run on both networks but perhaps we could see this new version of the Galaxy Nexus on one of our two GSM carriers.

source: Androidandme