Fragmentation Taking A Toll On OEM’s, HTC Vows Quality Over Quantity Too


One of the great things about Android is variety. Another is that with variety comes the availability of a smartphone OS in emerging markets. With Android phones varying in cost from under $100 to over $700 even off contract, just about anyone can own an Android phone.

Somewhere along the way that vision may have been skewed as Android’s main OEM partners started releasing device after device after device. At one point Samsung was releasing a new Android powered device every 15 days, yes 15 days (worldwide).

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Motorola was the first OEM to stand up at the turn of the year and say that they were going to scale back the release of their devices. They went on to say that in the United States they were going to focus on top tier phones and 4G/LTE.

HTC released a good number of Android smartphones in 2011. Despite 2011 being HTC’s best year to date, they’ve now come out and said that their 2012 strategy is to focus on quality over quantity.  According to this report from Pocketnow, HTC’s Phil Roberson told Mobile Magazine about the company’s strategy. HTC is also going to focus on high end handsets. They are also going to put tablets on the back burner for now.

The 7″ HTC Flyer (HTC Evo View 4G) is a great device, it may have come to market with a much larger price tag than it should have had. When HTC and retailers adjusted the price it may have been too late. The Flyer didn’t get nearly the adoption we thought it was going to.

HTC’s second foray into the tablet space, the HTC Jetstream is battling 50 other tablets with very similar specs. Although the Jetstream is 4G/LTE it’s on AT&T’s network which has just 20 markets at press time.

HTC did well with lower tier Android phones globally however their best selling low range Android phone the HTC Wildfire, was released in the US it didn’t get nearly the reception it did in the rest of the world.

Samsung has yet to comment on strategy although their Q4 earnings call is set for tomorrow (overnight tonight)

source: Pocketnow

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  1. Yes, HTC were way better in 2010 when they released a number of awesome devices like the desire, back then they were focusing on quality

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