Facebook Has A Great Holiday On Android Devices

Although Google now has their own social media network, Google +, Facebook is still the predominant social media app on Android phones. In fact, according to the most recent AppData numbers, Facebook does a lot better on Android devices than iPhones.

TechCrunch.com’s Eric Eldon has been tracking Facebook mobile app usage for a while now. In his latest story on the topic Eldon has found that AppData is reporting Facebook for iPhone saw their usage grow to 4.1 million monthly average users (MAU) and 1.7 million daily active users (DAU).

Android on the other hand, saw a more significant increase to 5.2 MAU and 2.2 DAU.

A Nielsen study released in mid December showed that Facebook was the top app on Android for all demographics. Google apps had a great showing as well, however Google+ wasn’t in the top five in any of the measured data.

source: TechCrunch

Written by Cassandra Holly