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Dutch Court Refuses To Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales

If you were under the impression that the Apple vs Samsung vs Apple court battles were winding down, you were sadly mistaken. However the tables are again turning for Apple who are most likely still celebrating their Q1 2012 results back in Cupertino.

A Dutch appeals court in Hague, the Netherlands, ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet is not a copy of the iPad.¬† Apple is suing Samsung all over the world insisting that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S smartphones are copies of Apples iPad and iPhone respectively.

Apple has alleged that Samsung’s designs “slavishly copy” their designs. Apple has alleged that both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the re-released Galaxy Tab 10.1v are in violation of Apple’s patents.

Last fall the dutch court refused an injunction on Samsung’s behalf against Apple. In that case Samsung alleged that Apple violated Samsung patents pertaining to 3g technology. With this latest refusal the stakes are about even in Netherlands for both Apple and Samsung.

source: AP


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