Dude You’re A Barista Earns Samsung Top Commercial Spot In December

By now we’re sure you’ve seen at least one of the Samsung “The Next Big Thing” commercials. These are the commercials that show eager Apple fan boys waiting for the next big iPhone in line at the Apple store.

In each commercial someone comes along with a Samsung Galaxy S II and is engaged in conversation with a group of the folks in the line.  The person holding the Samsung Galaxy S II spouts off a fact or two about how the Samsung Galaxy S II already has features that they are expecting from the next iPhone.


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In the first commercial one of the Apple fans says “I could never get a Samsung, I’m too creative”, the person next to him says “Dude you’re a barista”.¬† It’s that line from the commercial which spawned a contest by Samsung and even T-Shirts that showed up on the web.

In Nielsen’s ratings of commercials for December 2011 Samsung came in 10th place with a 150 which meant their commercial was 1.5x more memorable than the average commercial. With the holiday push it’s worthy to note that Samsung is the only wireless phone manufacturer with a commercial in the top 10 that month.

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Source: PA