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Doh! Samsunged: Latest “Next Big Thing” Ad Arrives Ahead Of Superbowl

Just a few hours ago we told you about how the Samsung commercial where the guy says “Dude you’re a barista” was good enough to be a top 10 advertisement in December, one of the busiest advertising months.

Well the brilliant folks in Samsung’s creative department are back with a new “Next Big Thing” ad and they tell us it’s a lead in to a Superbowl ad.

It seems that after two strikeouts with Superbowl ads, Samsung competitor Motorola is sitting out this year paving the way for Samsung to wow millions and millions of American’s with yet another great ad spoofing the Apple fan boys and girls.

This ad in particular does a great job of showing the true ambiance of the late night wait at an Apple store.  They seem to even have the characters down to a “t” as well.  Check out the ad and let us know what you think in the comments, and then wait two short weeks and we will see the newest installment.

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