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Did The Samsung Galaxy S III Just Show Up On Samsung’s Support Site?

The Samsung Galaxy S III is quickly turning out to be our first Galaxy Nexus of 2012. Samsung’s head honcho JK Shin did acknowledge the phones existence. Then it was quickly rumored to be the breakout device at Mobile World Congress. Now, we won’t even see it at Mobile World Congress, but it couldn’t die there.

Engadget has discovered a new Samsung device model number GT-i9300 on Samsung’s support site. Also don’t forget that mystery device we saw at CES during the Samsung press conference, whose contour was too rounded to be the Galaxy Note.

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If Samsung continues it’s conventional way of numbering devices the GT-i9300 could very well be the Samsung Galaxy S III. The first Samsung Galaxy S series devices were GT-i9xx. The Samsung Galaxy S II model numbers were GT-i91xx. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus were GT-i92xx and now a GT-i9300 shows up.

While most of the rumors are suggesting we will see the Galaxy S III after MWC, Samsung could pull a fast one and release it at MWC, ,maybe right? We actually think we may see the Samsung Galaxy S III in May in New Orleans at CTIA.

source: Engadget via PhanDroid

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