Developer’s Soasta Offering Mobile App Performance And Functional Testing Solutions

When Verizon Wireless is about to roll out a new popular device, like the Galaxy Nexus, they count on Soasta and their load testing technology to pre-test what it’s going to be like when hundreds of thousands of people jump onto their website at one time to order the hottest new phone.  Soasta has access to hundreds of thousands of servers around the world that allows them to test to scale web apps before there’s a serious problem.

As Soasta CEO Tom Lounibos,  explained to thedroidguy today on a call, that they get calls sometimes, on big event days like cyber monday, when a companies web app infrastructure has collapsed because they didn’t plan for scale.

Some of the biggest companies in the US rely on Soasta for testing including; Verizon Wireless, Netflix, Hallmark and more.

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Now after spending years testing web based applications, Soasta has made the next logical evolution for their company and that is mobile app testing.  But with mobile app testing Soasta has added a much needed component. While many developers, especially those who use their mobile app as a wrapped for the internet, need to test for load and scale there is much more to testing for a mobile app.

Soasta has added “Touch Test Technology” to their Cloud Test platform. Through Touch Test Technology enterprise and consumer based developers can test their apps at a larger scale for things like swiping, pinch to zoom, moving graphics around the screen and more.

Lounibous lightheartedly joked about how some, even large development houses, are testing touch screen functionality, gestures, and the like by just having a bunch of guys load the app onto their phone and saying “Hey Tom what did you get here”, “My screen did this Mike, yours?”. In the grand scheme of things I remarked that this form of testing seemed rather primitive.

Through a multi-track, almost Garage Band like interface, TouchTest is able to log every input function of an application, every gesture, every reaction, save it in tracks to compare and recall with other results. While in testing mode the user can watch the test results in real time or play them back and compare them.

TouchTest is part of a comprehensive suite of testing tools available to developers without jailbreaking (rooting), or tethering (USB debugging). As Lounibos explained many competing test products for app developers first instruction is “Jailbreak your phone” which is of course against Apple’s TOS. While rooting isn’t against Android TOS, it’s actually rather pleasant for a developer to not have to root and not have to tether to receive this kind of analysis from apps.

Soasta also introduced “Private Device Cloud”, the name is pretty descriptive of exactly what the service is. Private device cloud allows developers to test their application on multiple real devices. You may not have 400 friends that will let you test your app at the same time at 1am on a Tuesday night but Soasta does. Through partnerships with their existing clients, employees at their nationwide network and others who’ve agreed to participate, Private Device Cloud can set up a test situation for you on multiple devices at one time.

The best part about private device cloud is the first device is free. Even if you’re a Fred in the shed developer there is data that you can test and find out through Soasta’s cloud test platform in the private device cloud that could be priceless to you down the road.


“We are extremely proud to introduce to the mobile app market the same level of revolutionary test innovation that we delivered to cloud testing in 2008,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “The way that users interact with data and apps is rapidly changing. Multi-touch, gesture-based applications are adding voice interfaces, and ‘big data’ applications such as logistics, distribution, and media will soon have 3D navigation and hovering browser UIs. The ‘Minority Report’ user interface has arrived, and with it we must have a new test platform to validate the highest quality user experience. TouchTest and our new CloudTest Private Device Cloud will change the game for mobile developers and testers forever.”

Soasta offers a one stop testing shop to developers of all sizes that would need to pull software from four or five different vendors to assemble a suite of tools comparable to those of Soasta’s CloudTest platform. Even if you were to go that route, another key advantage is that Sousta’s CloudTest platform keeps all the testing tools in one suite on one web based dashboard so that you can toggle through and compare data to every testing scenario.

Soasta offers their CloudTest platform in various sizes and price ranges to meet everyones needs. Lounibos stays in tune with the developers as well and says that they are constantly adapting to the needs of developers.

Developers of all sizes should check out Sousta here now and try the CloudTest lite edition free